Integrate ZKX authentication into your platform with our software library

The ZKX Flex Library provides developers with everything they need to integrate the ZKX technology into your software platform. The ZKX Flex Library is built on C++.

What’s included in ZKX Flex?

  • ZKX Strongbox: Key storage and retrieval
  • Full suite of zero-knowledge MFA processes
  • Patented continual & transparent session management scheme

Get started with ZKX Flex

Your developers can download the ZKX Flex Library today and begin app integration with the help of our manual and deployment guide.

However, the best course of action is to have your developers collaborate with our engineering team to integrate ZKX authentication into your platform. This provides you with a solution tailored to your specific environment and gets you ongoing support and expertise from our development team.

Contact the ZKX Solutions team today for more details on ZKX Flex.