Enhance your existing auth platform with ZKX Strongbox

ZKX Strongbox is designed for customers that already have an authentication solution in place, but want to take advantage of ZKX’s highly secure key storage and retrieval process. ZKX Strongbox is the perfect enhancement to PKI, CAC, and Fido2 artifacts. If you’re storing private keys, you need ZKX Strongbox.

Key benefits:

  • Authentication is baked in at the crypto level. With ZKX Strongbox, private keys don’t even exist until authentication is successful.
  • Safer Storage. Authenticating information is no longer stored on the endpoint.
  • Zero Trust for users. The user doesn’t have to trust their credentials or even their device.

How to get started with ZKX Strongbox

Reach out to the ZKX Solutions team, and we’ll be happy to work with you to integrate the ZKX Strongbox into your environment.