First software release ready for labs

ZKX launches the first release of its cybersecurity authentication software built for Zero Trust government and military networks

ZKX Solutions has announced that the first release of its market-disrupting cybersecurity authentication software is now ready for field exercises and laboratory testing. The ZKX software will provide government and military organizations with the authentication technology required to migrate their existing IT infrastructures to Zero Trust networks.

ZKX is patent-pending security software that enables zero-knowledge multi-factor authentication. ZKX is built on zero-knowledge proofs, resulting in a system where no secrets are kept on the client- or server-side, thus greatly improving the cybersecurity posture while reducing cyber risk. ZKX is completely agnostic to the devices, network, transport, and storage mechanisms already in place, and is adaptable to any policy.

The ZKX concepts and codebase have been thoroughly evaluated by Galois, a leading R&D security firm for critical systems. Galois verified the ZKX cryptography, code, workflows, and attack vectors, ensuring that the software is operationally sound and ready for deployment.

“Our initial target with our ZKX MFA Engine is the tactical domain,” said ZKX Chief Technologist and Co-Founder Collin Sweeney. “Our approach is unique: Instead of building a top-heavy enterprise-level product and jamming it down the echelons, we designed ZKX to grow from the bottom-up. In other words, our software is lightweight, scalable, and flexible, so it’s easy to deploy in DIL environments, such as at the tactical edge where cloud services may be unavailable.”

“With this first release of ZKX, it’s the perfect time for labs, integrators, and primes to test the software with real-world applications with the full support of the entire ZKX development team,” said Sal Ceravolo, Director of Product and Market Strategy. “Zero trust solutions have long been promised but rarely delivered, and this is especially true in the military domain at the tactical edge. Our ZKX cybersecurity solution is a novel, patent-pending technology that can be used in any authentication environment to enhance security, and we’re anticipating getting it into the hands of more end users this spring.”