Secure government and military networks without adding friction

Governments around the world are facing elevated cyber threats on multiple fronts, including:

  • Intellectual property theft
  • Espionage
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Damaging attacks against critical infrastructure
  • Influence campaigns designed to undermine public trust

ZKX Solutions is uniquely positioned to help government agencies and military organizations secure their networks without adding friction to administrators or users. If your organization is vulnerable to a Manning, a Snowden, or a Teixeira attack, you need ZKX Helix.

Helix is a comprehensive Zero-Trust policy enforcement and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) software platform designed to bring unrivaled security to government and military networks. Helix not only serves as a focal point for securing your operations but also elevates the security of the existing technology solutions on your network.

Our software has been rigorously tested and proven with both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy in the following cyber exercises:

Proven with the U.S. Navy at Cyber ANTX 2022

Following the success of the ZKX Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Engine at Cyber ANTX 2022, ZKX Solutions was awarded a Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO), a certification that legally declares ZKX as “competed” in the eyes of the U.S. Government. This CSO enables ZKX technology to be acquired by any U.S. government entity without the need for ZKX products to be re-competed on the open market.

Proven with the U.S. Army at Project Convergence 2022

Our ZTA concept from ANTX was deployed in a hybrid, geographically dispersed network environment, under realistic conditions. ZKX performance at this exercise proved that not only does the Helix concept of better cybersecurity work, but it is deployable and scalable.

Securing Critical Infrastructure

Defending the systems and assets that constitute “critical infrastructure” is vital to our national security. In March 2023, The White House issued a comprehensive document outlining the National Cybersecurity Strategy, making it clear that the U.S. government will be placing renewed emphasis on combating cyber threats and protecting our critical assets. To do so, we need to shift the burden of responsibility from end users and small entities to government agencies and large enterprises where it belongs. ZKX makes this easy:

  • ZKX is compatible with any network, from the edge to the cloud.
  • ZKX adapts seamlessly to the policies already in place.

Begin your migration to Zero Trust

The Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is a novel method of network construction designed to eliminate the overall concept of “trust” from the network. This is in stark contrast to the current model, where security is simply relegated to the network’s perimeter.

  • ZKX was built to form the foundation of a Zero Trust Architecture by focusing on the two most critical pillars of the zero-trust model: authentication of the user and authentication of the device.
  • ZKX is unique in that it authenticates the user and device simultaneously without storing or transmitting any secret information.
  • ZKX supports dynamic policy enforcement, a requirement for actualizing a true ZTA.

Render Cyberattacks Impossible

The SolarWinds breach. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach. And countless others. Had ZKX been implemented in these scenarios, these infamous cyber-attacks would have been impossible. Here’s how:

  • ZKX MFA is continual, so an adversary would have to successfully cheat a series of authentication challenges with every lateral step they attempt on the network.
  • A single compromised credential is not enough information for an adversary to compromise the ZKX authentication transaction.
  • ZKX authentication does not rely on the storage of secret authenticating information anywhere in the network. Sensitive authenticating data, such as usernames and passwords, are never stored and thus cannot be stolen.