Success Story:


Integration and collaboration are the lifeblood of today’s comprehensive technology solutions.            

ZKX Solutions has conducted initial platform integration with the flagship software product of one of its most key strategic partners – REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. REDCOM’s foundational software platform, REDCOM Sigma, is responsible for driving tactical command and control (C2) operations at the brigade-level and below. REDCOM Sigma is currently fielded to every brigade combat team (BCT) in the U.S. Army.

This integration begins the pathway toward securing Sigma’s vital tactical C2 functions – voice, video, chat, radio interoperability, and file transfer – with the next-generation granularity, security, and visibility provided by ZKX Helix. By combining the capabilities of these two platforms, the principles of zero-trust security become a tangible reality for tactical, resource-constrained, intermittently-connected, and otherwise austere network environments.

The innovative security framework enabled by ZKX Helix has been proven and validated for tactical and operational network environments, via Cyber ANTX 2022 and Project Convergence 2022. Helix continues to undergo testing in the DoD tactical environment in pursuit of fulfilling key strategic use-cases for implementing zero-trust security in the tactical space.

This technology partnership between ZKX Solutions and REDCOM Laboratories is just the beginning of introducing safer, more usable, and ultimately flexible cyber operations to a network environment that desperately needs them. ZKX Helix and REDCOM Sigma will be used to further the DoD’s understanding of how zero-trust cyber operations can enhance the critical C2 network functions that drive our edge spaces today.