Frequently asked questions about ZKX Helix. Answered.

Helix can protect any IT, OT, or IoT resource on any network. Whether you need to protect access to digital assets like servers, domains, or websites, bring zero-trust protections to your SCADA and PLC systems, or distribute access to sensor data or video streams across organizational boundaries, Helix is here to help you securely meet your objectives.

Helix lives between the users and the resources on your network. Helix enables exact and specific protections for every usable or accessible item that is connected to your network. Helix is essentially the broker of access between users requesting resources from the network (via their devices) and the platforms that own or maintain those resources.

Modern security is a big game with a lot of players. Helix will never be your whole security team but it will be a significant player. Via REST (or any other application-level protocol), Helix can be used to either support or outright replace your existing identity access management (IAM), firewall, and/or multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

Whatever works best for you. The ease of deploying and integrating Helix allows it to either exist alongside your trusted, long-standing technologies or be used to phase out insecure or less usable platforms.

Helix has undergone extensive independent reviews, user tests, field deployments, and technical exercises to shore up these claims. Due to its proven experience and its totally unique, patented technologies, Helix truly offers capabilities unlike any others when it comes to usability, applicability, and security.

Helix is designed to impose as minimal a footprint as possible. Helix capabilities have been successfully run on compute form factors as small as an Atomic Pi with an average of 6 kB of bandwidth consumed for enforcing any particular access policy.

Yes! Part of Helix’s patented MFA ensures that user-supplied passwords are given enough entropy, no matter how “strong” or “weak” a user makes it. You know the “password policy”, right? Twelve characters, two special symbols, one number, etc. – these are guidelines users are encouraged (or sometimes outright forced) to follow in order to create passwords with enough entropy to be secure. Helix takes this burden away from the user and automatically makes any user-supplied password compliant with entropy demands, effectively eliminating the need for password policies.

We can build to suit any specific network, application, configuration, you name it. Reach out to us with your inquiry and any system details you deem relevant. A member of our technical team will work with you to address your specific situation.

We are actively seeking partners to collaborate with us at the technology level. If you or your company own and operate a platform that could benefit from the holistic cyber protections provided by Helix, contact us to learn more about us and how to join our partner network.

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