ZKX Helix:

The next evolution of cybersecurity software

Step up security for your network and everything on it.

  • Secure your IT, OT, and IoT resources with pinpoint precision
  • Design and Deploy access policies at the macro and micro scale
  • Enforce access policies with safer, faster, patented MFA
  • Cut costs. Not security.

Security: it’s in our DNA

Make stronger security frameworks like zero-trust a reality. Minimize your network’s attack surfaces. Verify user & device identities with confidence. Wield passwords with impunity.

Seriously resilient

Difficult environments shouldn’t mean less secure. Whether it’s contested isolation or a jungle of federated partners, Helix security persists for you, your assets, and your mission-partners.

User-centric design

Stop cyber from holding your workers hostage. Security is everyone’s problem, but it shouldn’t be everyone’s job. Helix lifts the burden of security off of your end user and cuts your dependence on outdated protections like cyber training.

Granular & infinitely flexible

Break down barriers with Helix microperimeters – boundaries that surround single resources, not just an app or service. Protect your network and everything on it exactly as intended, with policies designed for your needs.

An organic approach to cybersecurity

Unlike other cyber companies, we don’t treat cyber as a mechanistic, predetermined set of inputs and outcomes. We view cyber as more of an organism – a complex system that is unique, responds to its environment, and evolves over time. This “organic” view of cybersecurity rests on the three foundational pillars of your cyber environment: Technology, Policy, and Culture


Dive into the details of how Helix works and what makes our security superior.


Explore how Helix uses policy to maximize security and drive transformation.


Learn how the ZKX design philosophy ensures Helix adapts to your culture – not the other way around.

Tested. Validated. Proven.

ZKX technology has proven itself in the most rigorous military exercises to date

Evaluated by the cryptography experts

  • Everything from our bits & bytes to our system architecture has been evaluated by Galois, a leading designer of secure systems for DARPA, IARPA, DoD, DHS, and the NSA.
  • Independent computer science experts have validated each step of our process, ensuring use of proper standards and cryptographic

Proven on the battlefield

  • U.S. Navy: Cyber ANTX 2022 – ZKX Technologies were used to create and deploy a workable, small-scale zero-trust architecture. This concept, validated by the Navy, now serves as the core of our Helix platform.
  • U.S. Army: PC22 – Our ZTA concept from ANTX was deployed in a hybrid, geographically dispersed network environment, under realistic conditions. ZKX performance at this exercise proved that not only does the Helix concept of better cybersecurity work, but it is deployable and scalable.