Next-Generation MFA

Today’s authentication is a liability. Password solutions are unsafe, passwordless solutions are untrusted, external hardware and second-factor tokens are still weak and hard to manage, and verification texts or e-mails are slow and obnoxious.

Perhaps worst of all, no solution on the market spares us from cyber slog: the repetitive “cybersecurity awareness training” that’s been outsourced to a soulless hamster wheel of canned videos; recrafting a password because it didn’t meet some arbitrary character length or contain enough “special symbols”; the stop-and-go of juggling different authenticator apps, windows, credentials, notifications; the overreliance on password managers (which – surprise – will still get you hacked). Modern cybersecurity is maddening for the average user and organization. Authentication is a key culprit.

MFA in a new way

ZKX Helix does MFA in a new way – multi-factor authentication that not only works, but works for the end user. Today’s cybersecurity requires people to work for it, draining valuable cycles of human capital for the sole, vital purpose of pushing the correct sequence of buttons upwards of a hundred times a day. Helix is cybersecurity that works for people, handling the hard work of cyber and allowing people to get back to what they’re good at: their jobs.

Helix MFA uses proven and patented technology to alleviate the burden of cyber slog for users and IT managers alike. ZKX Solutions’ innovative technologies ensure that not only are the technical security weaknesses of authentication resolved, they’re resolved in such a way that makes being more secure easier on the day-to-day grind.

Cut down on training time and lifecycle management

Helix handles the heavy lifting for its end users – no more are the days of the “password policy” – 12 characters, 2 capital letters, 1 symbol, 3 numbers, etc.

The protections assured by password policies are baked-in automatically by Helix, so feel free to use those “insecure” passwords, PINs, and other text-based credentials.

Helix randomizes credential data each time it’s used, so passwords (or any other credential) look different with every use, enabling the same authentication factors to be reused across multiple accounts or websites.

Make phishing a thing of the past

With Helix, no authenticating data is sent or stored. Ever. If an adversary is snooping on your network, they will learn nothing about your authentication secrets by mining your network traffic or even impersonating a Helix MFA server. Not even Helix can learn what your credentials are, only verify they’re correct and legitimate.

Hackers have to work harder to cheat Helix – much harder. Simply stealing a user’s password or CAC is no longer enough to gain illegitimate access to a system. Helix authenticates both the user and device simultaneously, meaning your password is as good as useless in hands that don’t also have your device (and every other MFA credential you’re registered with).

True security is easier than ever

Whether it’s PINs, passwords, external tokens, or more unconventional items like barcodes, serial number, and/or biometrics, Helix has got you covered.

Helix MFA continually authenticates users (and their devices) without their direct input to a Helix prompt. Non-user-interactive sessions take over after a user successfully authenticates themselves. Users can maintain the momentum of their workday with total security, without the stop-and-go of constant reauthorization.