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Deconflicting Cyber Strategy | TechNet Fort Liberty 2024

This past week at TechNet Fort Liberty, our CTO Collin Sweeney was a featured speaker on Thursday morning, where he had a discussion on deconflicting cyber strategy. In this discussion, he talked about two cyber strategies, seemingly divergent in nature, that have been identified as strategic priorities for defensive preparedness against the next near-peer engagement. […]

How ZXK Technology Works

In this quick video, Chief Technology Officer, Collin Sweeney gives a brief introduction to how ZKX’s patented technology works.

Long Live the Password

Every few years, society advocates for the retirement of some technology thought to be no longer sufficient. This generation chooses to attack the password for perceived security risks. At ZKX, we make the argument that the password is not the problem; the technology behind it is. Our technologies seek to make cybersecurity a responsibility left […]

Man in the Middle Attacks Explained

In this short video, ZKX Software Engineer Emerald Rafferty explains what a “man in the middle” attack is, gives us a theoretical and a real-world example of where this may occur, and explains how ZKX technology mitigates this type of cyber attack, keeping the user, and their device safe from cyber adversaries.

Constructing your Cybersecurity Posture

Here at ZKX Solutions, prospective customers or business partners often ask us how we go about structuring a good defensive cyber security posture. In this video, Chief Technology Officer Collin Sweeney discusses the importance of three categories that fully encompass a good defensive cybersecurity posture: policy, technology, and culture. Read the article.

From Buzzword to Brass Tacks: Resetting the Conversation on Zero Trust

In this webinar, ZKX chief technologist Collin Sweeney leads a roundtable discussion with members of the ZKX R&D Team Alexis Korensky and Emerald Rafferty. This discussion will break down what a true ZTA means and how to get started today by focusing on the most critical pillars as identified by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Zero Trust maturity model: authentication of the user and the device.

Zero Knowledge Proofs Explained

At ZKX Solutions we often talk about how we employ zero-knowledge proofs to help achieve our zero trust, multi-factor authentication technology. In this video, Chief Technologist Collin Sweeney talks a little bit about what zero knowledge proofs are and why ZKX Solutions chose to employ them in pursuit of actualizing zero trust parameters.

ZKX vs Traditional Authentication

In this 3-minute animated explainer video, we identify the numerous limitations of the “traditional” authentication model used today, and show how ZKX solves all of these problems.

Zero Trust Architecture for the Tactical Edge | REDCOM Webinar

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is an exciting theoretical approach to total information security, but it is just that – an approach. While ZTA technologies are already being developed, tested, and implemented, it is important to not lose sight of the ripples which changes in the enterprise will cause downstream to the edge.