ZKX Helix:

Cultivate Your Culture.

The creeping burden of cybersecurity tools, techniques, policies, and procedures has made the term “cybersecurity” an automatic trigger for all of us. Likewise, the degree of technical knowledge and studied expertise needed actually to keep pace in the modern cyber environment has never been higher, especially for those whose job functions aren’t centered around cyber as a discipline or even at the level of a business operation. ZKX Helix changes all of this by adapting to your organization’s culture, not the other way around.

Helix Key Benefits:

  • Improves your security posture without adding friction
  • Feels identical to conventional tech, making user adoption seamless
  • Cut down on cybersecurity training and managing inferior solutions

Usability vs security

Typically in cybersecurity, usability and security are inversely proportional. This means the more secure you want something, the less usable it becomes.

While this will always be a balancing act in the larger cyber ecosystem, the Helix approach to securing access achieves both characteristics: dynamic and robust security with ultimate usability. Helix reimagines what cyber technology is capable of with real thought and straightforward engineering.

Adapts to your culture

Rather than forcing you to adapt to yet another new piece of technology, Helix adapts to your culture.

From the perspective of the end user, Helix looks and feels nearly identical to the MFA clients we’re all used to. One of Helix’s primary tenets is usability, so it is vitally important that its introduction does not introduce new bumps in the road.

For the administrator, this translates into zero training time for end users, easing this migration to better, more secure technology.

Flexibility of MFA credentials

Helix can support the MFA credentials you need and are used to. Rather than prescribing credentials to you and your users, Helix natively supports whatever best suits your environments. Helix ensures only the right credentials are used at the right times, whether it’s the reliable PIN and password or more unconventional bindings like biometrics, barcodes, and external tokens.

Helix goes one step further and secures those credentials in ways other solutions cannot. Helix uses patented technology to strengthen the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of each and every MFA credential employed by any user. So, yes – depend on those passwords, re-use the same logins between accounts – Helix has you covered.