Boost security with drop-in ZKP authentication built for tactical & DIL environments

About ZKX Solutions

ZKX Solutions is a U.S.-based technology company that has developed new patent-pending authentication software built on a foundation of Zero Knowledge Proofs. Our software is an iterative, trust-building platform designed to bring next-gen multi-factor authentication (MFA) to networks of any kind, from tactical DIL environments to zero-trust, cloud-based enterprises.

About ZKX MFA Software

The ZKX MFA engine handles simultaneous user and device authentication, making our technology a direct replacement or supplement for existing authentication platforms. Our software is completely agnostic to the devices, network, transport, and storage mechanisms you have in place, and is adaptable to any policy. This makes it incredibly easy to deploy the ZKX engine into your network.

The key benefits of the ZKX platform

Fully Interoperable

Compatible with any network, from the tactical edge to the enterprise​

Adaptable to Any Policy

Customizable to fit different trust scores, organizational policies, or strategic doctrine

No Stored Secrets

User information is never disclosed to the authenticating server

Partner with ZKX

Interested in deploying ZKX technology in your network? Or would you like to test our software in your lab? We make it easy to get started. Just fill out this form and let us know how we can help.

What’s new from the ZKX team

Federal Zero Trust Strategy

June 21, 2022

In January 2022, the Executive Office of the President: Office of Management and Budget released a memorandum for executive departments and agencies. This memo is aligned with the executive order detailing the U.S. government’s shift to a Zero Trust enterprise. As President Biden stated in EO 14028, “Incremental improvements will not give us the security we need; instead, the Federal Government needs to make bold changes and significant investments to defend the vital institutions that underpin the American way of life.”

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Road to Zero Trust Authentication

Why the road to Zero Trust Authentication goes through ZKX 

June 8, 2022

The Zero Trust security model requires a revolutionary shift from traditional authentication methods that have been in use for decades. While the DoD has mandated migration to zero-trust networks, most organizations are still unclear on how to get started. This briefing outlines why the road to zero trust networks logically starts with the ZKX MFA authentication engine.

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ZKX - a business unit of REDCOM

ZKX Solutions officially launches as a new business unit of REDCOM Laboratories, Inc.

May 18, 2022

ZKX Solutions is proud to announce that it has officially launched as an independent business unit of REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. ZKX Solutions is focused on developing the next generation of cyber defense technology designed to be more secure, dynamic, and flexible than conventional multi-factor authentication products.

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