Cybersecurity Reimagined

ZKX Solutions brings new tools to the cybersecurity game, but we’re also introducing an alternative way to think about cybersecurity altogether. It all starts with three main ideas: policy, technology, and culture. 

Much of the cybersecurity industry has focused primarily on technology. At ZKX Solutions, we have a far more comprehensive view that centers on the human that uses and depends on technology.

Go beyond technology

A “technology-forward” approach to cybersecurity clearly does not work, as evidenced by continuous headlines of successful cyber attacks. It is time to reimagine what cybersecurity means beyond the scope of just technology.

The technology, policy, and culture triad is invaluable for building a security ecosystem that balances security with true usability, centered on alleviating the burden of security from the end user.

Policy is the written body of rules that serves one primary function: tying specific technology to specific action(s). Policy’s responsibility is to define which actions are permitted or disallowed in your security environment.

Culture is defined by user relationships with technology, how they interact with policies that dictate their day-to-day operations, and their interactions with other users. 

Effective cybersecurity is achieved when technology, policy, and culture are in harmony.

Human-centric cybersecurity

Burdening users with the responsibility to alter their behavior with new tools or security rules to accommodate an arbitrary policy generates friction, slows productivity, and cultivates an oppressive and extraneous security culture.

Our mission is to engineer technology that lifts that burden from the end user. Technology should adapt to changing threats, not the human who uses that technology. Technology has both the capability and the responsibility to secure your networked ecosystem and enable your end-users to do their jobs.