The Road to Zero Trust Authentication

Why the Road to Zero Trust Authentication goes through ZKX

The Zero Trust security model requires a revolutionary shift from traditional authentication methods that have been in use for decades. Traditional networks are perimeter-based and by design automatically trust anyone and anything once inside the network. In a Zero Trust architecture, every user or device that tries to access a resource requires strict verification every single time. In other words, a zero-trust architecture trusts no one and nothing. 

While the DoD has mandated migration to zero-trust networks, most organizations are still unclear on how to get started. This briefing outlines why the road to zero trust networks logically starts with ZKX authentication technology. In this briefing, we cover how ZKX…

  • user and device authentication works 
  • secures user authentication credentials
  • combats social engineering attacks 
  • reduces the attack surface
  • keeps both Non-Person Entities and Users on the same path