National Cybersecurity Strategy Pillar Five: Forge international partnerships to pursue shared goals

In March of 2023, the federal government drafted and released a National Cybersecurity Strategy. The strategy outlines five pillars that are critical to implementation. In this blog series, we will dive into each pillar and how ZKX will abide by these guidelines and support this strategy.

The five pillars are:

  • Defend critical infrastructure
  • Disrupt and dismantle threat actors
  • Shape market forces to drive security and resilience
  • Invest in a resilient future
  • Forge international partnerships to pursue shared goals

Forge international partnerships

Creating a strong and united international community is the key to fostering a shared digital ecosystem that is inherently resilient and defensible. The United States is committed to working with a coalition of cyber security stakeholders within the international community to disrupt transnational cyber criminals and reinforce international law in cyberspace.

According to Pillar Five, these are the steps we need to take to forge international partnerships:

  • Build coalitions to counter threats to our digital ecosystem. The U.S. and its allies can advance cybersecurity efforts through international partnerships by sharing cyber threat information, exchanging security models, and coordinating policy.
  • Strengthen international partner capacity. By leading the charge to create a more secure internet, the U.S. will continue to strengthen military-to-military relationships to realize an improved global cybersecurity posture.
  • Expand U.S. ability to assist allies and partners. Providing support to nations without a strong cyber defense who fall under attack creates solidarity and a united front against all cyber threats.
  • Build coalitions to reinforce global norms of responsible state behavior. States need to be held accountable when they fail to uphold commitments to a safe cybersecurity space. Working with allies to punish malicious actors should create a deterrence for poor behavior.
  • Secure global supply chains for information, communication, and operational technology products and services. The United States is committed to working with partners and allies to identify and implement cross-border supply chain and risk management protocols.

United allies can enforce shared cybersecurity goals

The Internet is a wide-reaching and highly accessible resource that needs to have protections and regulations in place should a malicious actor try to conduct cyber warfare. By partnering with allied nations, we can share resources and punish state entities that fail to obey cybersecurity laws and agreements. The forged relationships with allied nations will work to mitigate risks to our national security as well as those of our friendly nations from adversarial governments and rogue cyber attackers.