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National Cybersecurity Strategy Pillar Two: Disrupt and dismantle threat actors

In March of 2023 the federal government drafted and released a National Cybersecurity Strategy. The strategy outlines five pillars that are critical to implementation. In this blog series we will dive into each pillar and how ZKX will abide by these guidelines and support this strategy.

The five pillars are:

  • Defend critical infrastructure
  • Disrupt and dismantle threat actors
  • Shape market forces to drive security and resilience
  • Invest in a resilient future
  • Forge international partnerships to pursue shared goals

Disrupt and dismantle threat actors

The key to mitigating cybercrimes is disrupting and dismantling the actors perpetrating such offenses. The next great fight is set to take part in the cyber domain. The goal is to disrupt these attacks and the entities initiating them before they can even get started. With the increase of federal resources allocated to this initiative, we have proven successful in frustrating threat efforts by malicious actors, foreign governments, and criminals.

According to Pillar Two, these are the steps we need to take to secure critical infrastructure:

  • Integrate federal disruption activities. The federal government must increase the volume and speed of disruption efforts through further development of technological and organizational platforms that enable continuous disruption operations.
  • Enhance public-private operational collaboration. The private sector has different resources and experience with cybercrime than the federal government does. Operational collaboration between private and public sector will open doors to new technology and innovation.
  • Increase speed and scales of intelligence sharing. The faster and more widespread information is the less likely history is to repeat itself
  • Prevent abuse of U.S. based infrastructure. Anyone who works on a network, secure or otherwise, holds responsibility for securing that network and preventing any form of abuse or criminal behavior.
  • Counter cybercrime, defeat ransomware. Ransomware attacks all facets of life and critical infrastructure. The goal would be to disrupt ransomware attacks to the point where they are no longer profitable.

Defense is key

When the threat already infiltrated the network, the damage could already be done. By disrupting the attack before it gets started any potential risk is eliminated. Attacks like SolarWinds and OPM should have never happened. If the infrastructure had been secure from the start the threat actors would have been stopped before they even got started.

At ZKX Solutions our technology protects the network from catastrophic damage from malicious actors while ensuring the security of end devices and users. This prevents attacks from even getting started. Should a bad actor bypass ZKX MFA Engine no information would be compromised since no critical data is stored.