Cybersecurity made easy

Reduce friction while revolutionizing your organization’s security posture.

Built for Usability

  • Frictionless implementation for your users – ZKX looks no different than the authentication systems they’re used to.
  • Users can keep their passwords simple, eliminating the need for ever-increasingly complex passwords.
  • No additional device required — ZKX functions without a dongle or hardware key

Infinitely Flexible

  • Developer-friendly — available in multiple form factors to suit any network or deployment scenario.
  • Scalable — allows for smaller authentication silos to build up to larger structures.
  • Accommodates different MFA methods — from passwords to biometrics.

Serious Security

  • Decentralizes security responsibility – only stores public information on the authenticating device rather than in a central database.
  • Continuous authentication — happens seamlessly in the background when certain triggers/actions occur.
  • Fault-tolerant — even if an attacker compromised one point, it’s impossible for them to gain access.
  • Renders cyberattacks ineffective — prevents credential phishing attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and server infiltration attacks.

Dynamic Policy Enforcement

  • Making Zero Trust a reality — dynamic policy enforcement is a fundamental building block for a true ZTA.
  • Instantaneous updates — as soon as an admin makes a change to policy, there’s zero downtime for ZKX to begin enforcement.
  • Customizable policies — much more comprehensive and granular control of resource access.
  • Arbitrarily repeatable — enforce policies with minimal security risk and limited resource consumption.

Our Patented Technology

Unique software that disrupts the cybersecurity landscape

The ZKX MFA Framework

  • An adaptable low-risk solution that provides confidence and ease of use for customers.
  • Our patent includes a novel session management process that allows users to continually authenticate as they scale the network without constantly re-entering their credentials. 

Private Key Recovery

  • Eliminates the need to store private data on the user’s device.
  • ZKX stores public data that combines with user credentials to tie user and device together. Attackers cannot leverage this data in any meaningful way.

Tested. Validated. Proven.

ZKX technology has proven itself in the most rigorous military exercises to date

Evaluated by the crypto experts

  • Our cryptography, protocols, system architecture, and codebase have been carefully evaluated by Galois, Inc., a leading R&D company that develops secure systems for DARPA, IARPA, DoD, DHS, and the NSA.
  • The system as a whole has been evaluated at each step in the process by computer science researchers and professors to ensure that proper standards and cryptographic hygiene have been implemented. 

Proven on the battlefield

  • U.S. Army: PC22 — ZKX technology was successfully demonstrated at the U.S. Army’s Project Convergence 2022 exercise. ZKX demonstrated and validated distributed zero trust security practices.
  • U.S. Navy: ANTX Cyber 2022 — ZKX was selected for Phase II as part of the U.S. Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Advance Naval Technological Exercise (ANTX) in 2022 and awarded a Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO).