Deconflicting Cyber Strategy | TechNet Fort Liberty 2024

This past week at TechNet Fort Liberty, our CTO Collin Sweeney was a featured speaker on Thursday morning, where he had a discussion on deconflicting cyber strategy. In this discussion, he talked about two cyber strategies, seemingly divergent in nature, that have been identified as strategic priorities for defensive preparedness against the next near-peer engagement.

These strategies, namely zero-trust security and the autonomous, resilient, and interoperable command post, seem almost at odds with each other. According to contemporary industry, fundamental zero-trust functions will require network luxuries usually reserved for the enterprise spaces. However, voices like the Army and Navy have been capitalizing the roles that heightened autonomy, disconnectivity, and interoperability will have within networks of the tactical portions of the echelon. This session tackles the diagnosis of these issues and offers a pathway forward to a cohesive cyber strategy that accomplishes both tasks: delivering heightened security to satisfy the requirements of tactical zero-trust while maintaining a command post that is autonomous, intermittently connected, and interoperable in the larger partner ecosystem.