ZKX Solutions announces issuance of new U.S. Patent on a novel Multi-Factor Authentication system 

ZKX Solutions, a pioneer in developing the next generation of cyber defense technology, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new patent, no. 11,700,125, for an innovative new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system.

This patent covers two unique inventions. The first is an MFA framework that uses proven cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to greatly enhance security while simultaneously improving usability. This process closes numerous exploitation gaps by linking identity verification to the ongoing user session. Adversaries can no longer hijack a session by stealing a session token. For the end user, the benefits are clear: the patented ZKX authentication process is intuitive and less complex than other MFA solutions as it requires only one login without any extra steps.

The second new capability included in patent no. 11,700,125 is an innovative key masking process and private key recovery method that essentially ties a user to a device. This unique process takes the private keys that are generated by the ZKP system and masks them so they have no value to an attacker when stored. The system only stores partial public data, which is combined with user credentials to verify both user and device during authentication. To malicious actors, this data appears entirely random and cannot be used to exploit the system.

“We have always known our technology is unique and disruptive, but this patent serves as validation,” said ZKX Solutions Chief Technologist Collin Sweeney. “Our patented technologies enable us to deliver a pointed approach to Zero Trust that no one else can offer. Innovations such as those from ZKX Solutions are critical for making Zero Trust architectures a reality.”

About ZKX Solutions, Inc.

ZKX Solutions develops the next generation of cyber defense technology designed to be more secure, dynamic, and flexible than conventional multi-factor authentication products. Our patented authentication technology significantly enhances an organization’s cybersecurity posture through a revolutionary human-centric approach to building a Zero Trust environment. Learn more at