How ZXK Technology Works

ZKX Solutions was recently awarded a patent for novel inventions in the cyber security and authentication field. In this quick video, Chief Technology Officer Collin Sweeney gives a brief introduction to how ZKX technology works and explains exactly what those novel inventions are.

In this next video, Collin takes a deeper dive into ZKX’s novel technologies and gives us a more in-depth explanation of our two key inventions. The first is our private key recovery process, where the ZKX authentication system stores cryptographically inert pieces of data or “fragments” of these private keys that are not inherently sensitive or authenticating in isolation. The second is a novel non-interactive zero-knowledge proof-driven authentication scheme for continual user and device authentication.

These two inventions have synthesized to create an authentication platform that is unique and much more powerful than other competing solutions on the market. Because of this novel solution, ZKX has been awarded a patent for how disruptive and unique these technologies are, not just together but also in isolation from each other.