Deep Dive

Identity & Authentication: ZTA’s “Square-One”

What exactly does zero trust mean, and how do you get your organization there? For the uninitiated, “zero-trust” is not just a marketing buzzword or a meaningless veil constructed to cover a business’ empty and unfulfilled promises. “Zero-trust”, as a term, is a technical qualifier – meaning that the subject with which the adjective “zero-trust” adheres to the principles, guidelines, and functional specifications defined within the foundational NIST text designed to address what makes a network architecture a ZTA.

What is the Zero Trust Architecture?

The Zero-Trust Architecture (ZTA) is not in itself a specific technology. Instead, it is a cutting-edge operational philosophy that security architects utilize to preserve the networks of today. Zero-Trust is, in its essence, a “never trust, always verify, and assume breach” thought process for modern cybersecurity.