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Helix Holistic Cybersecurity

ZKX Helix: Holistic Cybersecurity

ZKX Helix (“Helix”) is a holistic cybersecurity software platform designed to protect access to IT, OT, and IoT networks and their resources with pinpoint accuracy. Helix makes stronger security frameworks like zerotrust a reality, and extends heightened cyber protections to networked resources like user endpoints, SCADA systems, IoT sensors, and everything in between. Helix is deployable in isolated edge environments and scalable to federated multi-enterprise networks.

Helix - Curating Culture

ZKX Helix Culture Overview

The degree of technical knowledge and expertise needed actually to keep pace in the modern cyber environment has never been higher, especially for those whose job functions aren’t centered around information technology or cybersecurity. Helix reimagines the role technology plays in enhancing an organization’s cyber posture. The Helix platform intuitively combines technology and policy to create a remarkably usable cybersecurity experience.

ZKX Helix Policy Overview

In the context of cybersecurity, policy serves one absolutely essential function: to tie specific technology to specific action(s). Policy is the backbone upon which security operates. Policy dictates critical parameters of a network, including the definition of secure access and risk tolerance. In this paper, we delve into how Helix breaks new ground in terms of what policy (and Policy) means to you and how your organization benefits from more granular, more dominant control of both policy management and enforcement. 

Helix Technology

ZKX Helix Technology Overview

Authentication technology has desperately needed an overhaul for almost a decade now. ZKX Helix solves these problems with technologies to enhance password authentication, conceal authentication credential data from mischief and snooping, and minimize the new and emerging attack surfaces for digital identity and authentication. 

ZKX Technical Overview

ZKX Technical Overview

ZKX™ is a lightweight, platform-agnostic authentication solution suitable for use in tactical, strategic, and zero trust environments. ZKX is based on the mathematical principles of zero-knowledge-proofs, a methodical way in which one party, A (the Prover), can prove their knowledge or possession of some secret to another party, B (the Verifier), without revealing any bits of information about the secret.