ZKX at Cyber ANTX

ZKX Solutions has been selected to participate in the upcoming Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX). ZKX will be demonstrating our market-disrupting cybersecurity software, the ZKX Engine. The ZKX Engine is a patent-pending, next-gen multi-factor authentication (MFA) software suite that facilitates frictionless migration to Zero Trust networks by enabling the most critical component: authentication.

ANTX 2022 will be held at Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic. ANTX is designed to provide technologists with an understanding of the operational challenges faced by naval warfighters. ANTX places a focus on cybersecurity in denied, degraded, and disconnected environments (DDIL) where access to data is intermittent, slow, and sometimes blocked by adversaries or environmental conditions.

At ANTX this fall, ZKX Solutions will demo the ZKX Engine, which enables Zero Trust authentication from tactical DDIL environments to enterprise and cloud networks. The ZKX Engine drives Zero Trust authentication without the need to displace existing legacy cybersecurity technology, providing the Navy and other military branches with a path to meet their zero trust requirements.

ZKX is powered by zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and is agnostic to applications, transports, endpoints, artifacts, policies, and networks already in place.

ZKX will provide an update on the results of our participation in ANTX after the exercise wraps up in October.