ZKX - a business unit of REDCOM

ZKX Solutions officially launches as a new business unit of REDCOM Laboratories, Inc.

ZKX’s market-disrupting authentication software employs zero-knowledge proofs to help government and military organizations migrate existing IT infrastructures to Zero Trust networks.

ZKX Solutions is proud to announce that it has officially launched as an independent business unit of REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. ZKX Solutions is focused on developing the next generation of cyber defense technology designed to be more secure, dynamic, and flexible than conventional multi-factor authentication products.

“Research and development for the ZKX product line has been ongoing at REDCOM for more than two years now. With the lab-ready code base finalized, now is the perfect time to spin up ZKX Solutions as its own entity,” said ZKX Chief Technologist Collin Sweeney.

The first release from ZKX Solutions is a robust authentication engine built on a foundation of zero-knowledge proofs. The ZKX MFA engine greatly increases operational flexibility and instantly improves security, because no secrets are stored on the server or transmitted on the network. The ZKX engine is a foundational technology for establishing a working Zero Trust architecture, particularly in tactical and disconnected environments. The software is purpose-designed to reduce the reliance on perimeter defense, making resources more secure on an instance-by-instance basis.

Sweeney continues: “Our patent-pending software is unique in that it handles user and device authentication simultaneously, making our ZKX engine a direct replacement for — or supplement to — existing authentication platforms. The ZKX engine is completely agnostic to the devices, network, transport, and storage mechanisms you have in place, and is adaptable to any policy. This makes it incredibly easy to deploy ZKX into your network.”

While ZKX embodies fundamental principles of Zero Trust, one of the long-term goals of ZKX is Zero Trust interoperability. This is possible because ZKX leverages public information to authenticate users and devices, enabling the frictionless sharing of critical data in a more secure fashion.

ZKX Solutions has put together a library of information at the links below:

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