ZKX Solutions successfully demonstrates a true Zero Trust MFA solution at Cyber ANTX and Project Convergence 2022

ZKX Solutions has successfully wrapped up two major technology exercises this fall: the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) in September and the U.S. Army’s Project Convergence earlier this month. ZKX Solutions was among a select group of companies chosen to demonstrate novel industry technologies that will help the DoD achieve its modernization priorities. During both exercises, ZKX Solutions put its market-disrupting cybersecurity software, the ZKX Engine, to the test and successfully met all mission execution criteria and stretch goals.

The demonstration at both ANTX and PC22 involved using the ZKX Engine for multi-level security through both local and remote bases over tactical communication channels. As proven in the demonstration, the ZKX Engine was able to drive working Zero Trust authentication without the need to displace existing infrastructure, providing the DoD with a sensible and reliable path to meet mandated Federal Zero Trust requirements.

The team also met the stretch goal of account recovery. In the case of a lost or damaged device, the ZKX Engine can seamlessly retain access privileges on a new device without requiring re-enrollment. Account recovery and similar security features make the ZKX Engine particularly valuable in the tactical domain, where access to the cloud or IT experts is never guaranteed.

“The feedback we received on the ZKX Engine at ANTX and PC22 has been resoundingly positive,” said Collin Sweeney, Chief Technologist, ZKX Solutions. “All of our critical assumptions have been validated, and everyone we talked to about our technology has been excited, to say the least. We’ve really identified the fundamental elements that the military absolutely must prioritize to make Zero Trust a functional and feasible reality.”

Following this recent success, ZKX Solutions has progressed to the next phase of ANTX Cyber and PC22. The company will continue experimentation in Navy and Army Labs with the goal of future integration into DoD Networks.

About Cyber ANTX 2022

ANTX 2022 was held at Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic in September 2022. ANTX is designed to provide technologists with an understanding of the operational challenges faced by the naval warfighter. ANTX places a focus on cybersecurity in denied, degraded, and disconnected environments (DDIL) where access to data is intermittent, slow, and sometimes blocked by adversaries or environmental conditions.

About Project Convergence 2022 (PC22)

PC22 Technology Gateway is a collaborative experiment between industry partners and the Army, intended to enable collective innovation and identify novel technology capabilities that will help the Army achieve its Modernization Priorities. It is part of Army Futures Command’s Project Convergence campaign of learning and includes a series of experiments and observations in simulated battlefield environments. Project Convergence allows the Army Modernization Enterprise and industry partners to learn together to develop innovative solutions to our toughest operational problems and create a clear, collective vision for the future.